With honest lyrics and a colorful style Cathy Heller is reinventing the modern singer-songwriter genre. Crafting songs that are meant to last she aims to change the world with her music and positive outlook. Singing since the age of 2 Cathy grew up with the dream of having her music featured in films and on television. That wish has been fulfilled over 16 times in the last year as network TV shows, films and advertisers have licensed songs from her independent EP releases to create poignant moments for ABC, NBC, Disney, CW, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, MTV, American Airlines, Champion sportswear and more. Her new song "We're Good Together" will be featured this fall in a Hasbro national advertising campaign for their new Words With Friends game. Additionally Hanes' Barely There brand is highlighting Cathy in their upcoming Happy Place artist series. Born in Long Island and permanently relocated to Los Angeles, Cathy is working closely with in-demand Producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Gym Class Heroes and Dashboard Confessional) as she prepares to release her first, full-length album in November 2012. Building on her amazing DIY success, Cathy intends to continue persuading people to look at the world through her bright kaleidoscope.