Caper is a hip hop artist who has been around since the early 90s, unleashing his creativity and talent in the form of several projects such as his early moniker "Dj Hurricane", and his work with rap group "Brothers from the moon".

After years of experience within the business of crafting great tunes, Caper is not only an exceptional performer and writer, but also a first class producer and ultimately, a musical entrepreneur, releasing great music under his own brand "Darkstarz Records", grounded with the aim of giving a voice to some of the most talented underground hip hop musicians.

Crafting tracks under the alias "Gee Dark", Caper has got an great number of productions under his belt, covering different music styles, ranging from Hip Hop to experimental

Caper's own debut album, "The world that fell apart" is available through the usual major digital distribution channels (iTunes, amazon and 250 web stores worldwide), while is mixture "Strike of the Lyrics" is a great bite of the talent of Caper, available for free download.

A brand new album in the works!
Stay tuned!