Indie Rock
After years of tinkering with bedroom recordings and jamming in each other’s living rooms, three friends from Texas who relocated to the San Fernando Valley decided to capture their mutual love of 90’s American indie rock and British shoegaze, and harness it into something more tangible. During the blistering summer months of 2012, Christian le Guilloux, Zac Casler and Kris Morris confined themselves inside an unventilated lock-out in North Hollywood, CA and formed the band Camcorder. Not long after, they retired their drum machine and brought in long-time friend and live flesh and blood drummer Wade Randolph to fully realize their compositions. A few weeks later they were in a tiny bungalow in Santa Monica, recording their first four songs. Over the course of two weekends, the four-piece experimented in blending noisy, sometimes discordant guitars with jangly pop melodies; a mix of vintage American lo-fi carnage and Creation-era wonder from across the sea.The result, “Summer Kills”, is immediately identifiable for its roots, while simultaneously being enigmatic, evading any one particular brand of sound.