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Official Site: | @CagedAnimals
Caged Animals is the nom-de-plume of Vincent Cacchione, a NJ-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer who is joined live by a band comprised of his wife, sister, and friends.

There is a strangely life-affirming quality to Caged Animals personal brand of bedroom pop. The tracks are adorned electronically, cut-up, processed, and digitally mutated, but they carry something much more intimate on the inside, lyrically-focused on a more folk-inspired form of storytelling.

“The idea,” according to Cacchione, “is to imbue computer-music with humanity." With this manifesto in mind, Caged Animals have crafted something very revealing in a genre that relies almost exclusively on evasion.

While the recordings are kaleidoscopic in arrangement and texture, they gather their greatest strength through their focus on Cacchione's uniquely intimate singing and lyrics. His warm-baritone, expertly coalescing the musical elements of IDM, Synth-Pop, and R&B into something intimate and curiously earthy. The results play like a collaboration between Plastic Ono Band era John Lennon, and a more Elephant 6 inspired Twin Shadow.

Caged Animals signed to the UK's Lucky Number Music in 2011 after being brought to their attention by Vin's close friend and former band-mate Cole Smith (of Brooklyn's DIIV). Smith and Cacchione had played together in the noirish, folk-rock band Soft Black.

The genre-defying pop-assault of 2011's Eat Their Own landed Caged Animals spins from BBC1, KEXP, KXLU, WFMU, as well as rave reviews from taste-makers like Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum, The Guardian, and The Sunday Times. The New Yorker graciously dubbed Caged Animals the "hip-hop influenced Velvet Underground."

Cacchione spent the majority of 2012 deeply entrenched in the writing/recording of the latest Caged Animals record. The debut single, "Cindy + Me" will be released on June 16th, 2013.