Alternative Rap
C-Fifth brings a Melodic Flow to his music that exemplifies originality. Trying to make good music for those who want to hear it. The truth about this lyricist is more complex. Above all his personal failings, his wordplay, delivery and ability to speak the truth about real life in his music makes his originality stand out. He openly and honestly tells the story of his life through the medium of music. Representing Toledo and Ohio to the fullest, C Fifth makes it known where he comes from and proudly conveys his image, city, and state everywhere he goes.

For some people, Hip Hop may not be the music for their taste. However, C Fifth’s music doesn’t just pertain to Hip Hop fans, it reaches the minds and souls of all who hears it. C Fifth released his first official music video, “For My Hometown” on April 19, 2011, Which was Featured on Many Local and National Mixtapes. In commemoration of his hometown Toledo, OH aka the 419.( ) C Fifth currently records his music professionally at Sixty Ten Studios in Northwood, OH. With not only professional production on his music, but also professional production on his images and video.

Not only is C Fifth a rising star in Toledo’s Music Scene but He also was a full time Intern on 92.5 KISS FM's The Morning Rush, With regular Air time and his single "For My Hometown" ( ) spun on kiss. He also gave back to the local music scene by presenting a "Local Music Spotlight" where every other Friday through out the summer we bring in local acts and play their music and give them a live on air interview to about 90,000 listeners on average.

Make sure you give his music a listen and when you see him be sure to say hi, as he will return the kindness with a sincere handshake and a smile. An all around great artist.