burnthe8track is a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group formed in 2001 and has toured extensively in over 30 countries through the United States, Canada, and Europe. The band's debut album was The Ocean (Century Media/Abacus/Alveran). Since then, they have released Fear of Falling Skies (Curve/Universal), and a re-release of earlier tracks on Division (Coretex). The band is currently working on material for a follow up album in the near future. The band has been featured on Definitely Not the Opera on CBC Radio, in a story on their quest to get their music video "Buried Beneath Us" shot and played on MuchMusic. Several of their songs were featured in ESPN NHL 2K5. The band has also released 3 videos which have aired on MTV2, MTV Europe, VIVA, and Much Music. The band has toured and performed with a number of bands including: The Misfits, Ignite, Death By Stereo, Strung Out, Death Before Dishonor, Terror, and Bad Religion. October 2009: Burnthe8track is currently writing songs for a new album to follow up their 2007 release "Fear of Falling Skies"

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