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Buffalocomotive is an American hard rock power trio formed in the wood paneled flood stained basements of Joliet “Prison City” Illinois during the early nineties. The group would see several lineup changes before solidifying under the Buffalocomotive banner in 2012. Their sound is cinematic, subdued and heavy all at once, with their audience appeal being equally diverse with fans of Black Sabbath, Rush, and The Beatles finally getting acquainted.

Brahm Taylor (Vox, Bass), Marc Kaducak (Guitar) and Scott Carneghi (Drums) have garnered many accolades over their individual careers including stints with Mercury Records, Ozzfest tours, features in Musician Magazine and licensing deals with Fox Entertainment. They’ve been applauded for their “great sound” and urged to “keep doing what you’re doing” by Alex Wharton and Geoff Pesche of Abbey Road Studios. Their rock revivalist sound has been deemed “as powerful as the name of the band” with “gusto and creative punches that can slap you in the face” (SNS Post).

This is not homogenized teen angst ridden pseudo-punk. This is not even down to Earth tell me a story pop rock. This is pure and heavy riff laden escapism with fanciful lyrics and dark imagery that allows for guitar solos and drum fills while still managing to maintain sensible song structure and goose bumping replayability.

Inevitably Buffalocomotive is going to be one of those recording artists unearthed from time-capsules long after the scene has imploded on itself causing displaced survivors to once again seek out original rock music. You can prep on it.

The debut album from Buffalocomotive, Tears Of The Enchanted Mainframe (2012), is now available at iTunes and Amazon.