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Brightblack Morning Light were started by Nathan "Nabob" Shineywater (guitars, vocals) and Rachael "Rabob" or "Rabinyah" Hughes (Fender Rhodes, vocals), two childhood friends from Alabama who played one of their earliest shows (under the name Rainywood) for 15 people at a benefit for the Alabama Green Party in 2001. Fortunately, their fan base included the influential Will Oldham (aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy), who invited the duo to accompany him on his tour. Eventually, Shineywater and Hughes (both of whom claim to have American Indian blood in them "somewhere") decided to reject city life completely and settled in rural northern California, living in tents during the warmer months and a small cabin in the winter. With percussionist Noah Wilson, they recorded Ala.cali.tucky under the name Brightblack in 2004. That same year the band started the Quiet Quiet festival, which showcased some of the acts in the freak folk scene (Devendra Banhardt, Joanna Newsom) and was held in a small bar in Bolinas, CA. In April 2005 Brightblack Morning Light, whose cast of characters (besides the two founders) consisted of Elian Reitz (percussion), Andy MacLeod (trap kit), and Mariee Sioux (vocals), among others, were signed to Matador Records, which then released their self-titled album of slow and soft music in June 2006. The follow-up, Motion to Rejoin, appeared in fall 2008. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi