Over the years, Benson had grown accustomed to doing things alone, releasing four solo albums to date, starting with. Since 1996’s One Mississippi and followed by, through 2002’s Lapalco and, 2005’s Alternative to Love Love. There was a brief hiatus when he co-founded The Raconteurs and spent a few years touring and releasing two albums, with them, but he made a return to solo work onand 2009’s My Old Familiar Friend, he had been a solo outfit. A brief hiatus — the three years and two albums he spent as co-founder of The Raconteurs, perhaps marked the beginning of a change: it would prove the catalyst that led himIt was around this time that he also decided to relocate from Detroit to Nashville – a move that would set in motion events and relationships that form the backbone of his latest offering, What Kind of World (Readymade, 2012) .