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Boyjazz began unwittingly in Berkeley, CA in the summer of 2002 when Sexmouth (Adam Hobbs) and Supertouch (Aaron Levin) stumbled upon the 2 minute and 28 second blitzkreig that is Potfinger in their makeshift bedroom studio. All who heard knew something special had happened and the duo returned to the "studio" with a new sense of purpose. Over the next year and a half they would record ten more
blown out originals with the same old school guitars over electronic drum sound.

At the same time, Aaron & Adam knew they'd need a killer live show so they assembled a line up of the best players (and dudes) they knew featuring Eric "Stiff Digits" Murriguez on Lead Guitar, "Masculine" Dan Brubaker on Rhythm Guitar, and Alex "Clay Hunt" Pauley on Bass. Suddenly Boyjazz was a live band wowing audiences with an arena size show for the dive bar crowd. In little time Boyjazz had made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands in the Bay Area being named 2003 "Band To Watch" by The SF Bay Guardian.

The year 2004 saw the release of "In The City Tonight" on Frenetic Records to rave reviews. Hailed as a new brand of "arena rock for the indie kids", In The City Tonight garnered praise the world over and brought Boyjazz to a wider audience. Soon tracks like "Tuff Luv" had made their way into episodes of The Real World & Road Rules on MTV. "Lookin for You" was included in video game sensation Dance Dance Revolution (UltraMix 2) and the gig offers were lining up.

2005 found Boyjazz gigging heavily while working on new material for the follow up to In The City Tonight. This busy period saw Boyjazz do a series of national tours and play along side acts such as The Fucking Champs, Zombi, Mono, Metric, Thor, Zombi, Black Mountain, and Pearls & Brass to name a few.

By 2006 Boyjazz had enough new material to enter Louder Studios in San Francisco to record their follow-up with super producer and super bro Tim Green (Nation of Ulysees/The Fucking Champs). This would be the first album to feature the now infamous live band and great pains were taken to capture the band live to tape, all analog.

The result is Unlimited Nights & Weekends, ten new originals in hi-fi glory with all of the drama, power, & good times that you've come to expect. More unstoppable choruses. More ridiculously serious balls to the wall rock the way only The Jazz can do it. This is a tour de force by a band in their prime.

Unfortunately due to "circumstances beyond their control" Unlimited Nights & Weekends was shevled indefinitely . . . until today!

For Once Records is releasing a limited vinyl run of 500 copies of the long thought lost Boyjazz album Unlimited Nights and Weekends. With custom vintage cover art and liner notes by Mr. Rock himself Tim Green this is a one of a kind piece of rock history. Get your copy today only at !