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BoJest, "The Foremost Pop/Rock singer in Austin,Texas" (Luke Torn, The Austin Chronicle, before she changed her artist name in Seattle.;-) ) returns to the stage in 2013.

Her cutting edge pop/rock music blended with incredible vocals brings a haunting yet insightful look into BoJest's world. A blend of music coupled with makeup and costume brings a theatrical appeal to her show, one that you will not be able to turn or tune away. A female singer/songwriter influenced by Rock in all decades, the Renaissance, "Rockmaninoff";-) (Rachmaninoff). Hints of her love of folk, country, it's anybody's guess what's next. A classical & rock pianist twisted with haunts of history, love, temptation, spirituality, ghost stories read or lived.

BoJest had reached to #17 in the National Radio Airplay Charts and a 3rd new single, "Call the Sun" was climbing faster when things unexpectedly changed the course. But it's not a sick & over-used twisted line whenever you hear, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." - and have more spastic spontaneous energy! So many new songs this group plans to record.

All feelings are valid, can be expressed in so many ways that can come with productive & positive outlooks. This artist knows the darkness of humanity & finds ways to find the light, especially through her brand of ethereal surreal & 'In Your Face' music.

"Life is a roller coaster.... But we don't have to repeat the bad crap, do we?!"

BoJest will leave you wanting more, and wondering who she really is...

As BoJest says: "I'm The One You Never Knew, Life's a Party, Life's a Show"

Kiss On!

Contact: Larry Kolbaska Management

Telephone: 815.388.9564