Featuring four of San Francisco’s most celebrated female songwriters, Blame Sally were born from a series of informal jam sessions in 2000. Pam Delgado, Renee Harcourt, Jeri Jones, and Monica Pasqual -- all active solo artists in the Bay area -- began meeting up several times a week to share dinner and trade songs, slowly carving out a collaborative sound rooted in folk, Americana, and country. Before long, the self-described “living room band” had developed a healthy local following, prompting the bandmates to abandon their solo careers and record a live album, which doubled as Blame Sally's first release in 2001. Things snowballed from there, with the band issuing several self-released recordings before signing with Ninth Street Opus, a Berklee-based indie label, in 2009. They made their official debut for the label with 2011’s Speeding Ticket and a Valentine, the fifth album of the group’s career. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi