Indie Rock
Black Whales (black * whAYles), n.: Flowers on drugs, warm-hearted spaghetti-westerns, reverb-soaked, tubey riffs in the hay amidst an organized chaos of booming and danceable rhythms, honey-sticky melodics, jangly guitar hooks, tambourines, shaker magic.

Seattle, Washington's Black Whales will get you good. They will hit all of your sweet spots and surprise you with their effortlessly seamless songwriting. There is darkness in their pop and so much brightness in their shade. Far from being one-dimensional, they've done what only happens rarely: they’ve found an incredibly textural, experimentally off-center, and perfectly heart-hitting way of bringing together their own unique version of psych rock. Black Whales are a force recorded, a force live, and are the kind of band that will reward you for caring about music.