Adult Alternative
Singer/guitarist Paul Durham started the alt.pop.rock band Black Lab in 1997 and released its critically acclaimed debut Your Body Above Me on Geffen Records. Following a national tour, two charting singles (‘Wash it Away’ and ‘Time Ago’), MTV action and way too many trashed hotel rooms, the band split up. After signing with Epic Records in 2000, Durham started a new chapter of Black Lab with guitarist/programmer Andy Ellis. The band’s second album, See the Sun, features ‘Learn to Crawl’ from the Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man soundtrack. After leaving Epic, the band established a strong web presence with; four more albums followed including Passion Leaves a Trace, Technologie, Two Strangers, and their latest, Black Lab unplugged. Songs by the band litter films, TV and commercials, including “House M.D.,” Blade: Trinity, Honda, “Pretty Little Liars,” Can’t Hardly Wait, Varsity Blues, McDonalds, Permanent Midnight, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” and FX’s season six promo for “The Shield.” Paul continues to play live solo acoustic in the US and Europe. All things Black Lab can be found at and facebook/blacklabband.