BIG SWEDE is a Composer / Producer / Engineer / Programmer / Multi-Instrumentalist / DJ, who maintains a prolific recording and production career, doing business as Los Angeles based BIG SWEDE STUDIOS.
BS is all over the place musically, running his recording studio, music production company and record label, in downtown’s Historical Core District. He is making music in a variety of styles, from Electronica to Rock, Club/Dance to Hip-Hop, Metal to Soundtrack and beyond.

Credits include: Mercedes "Super Service" Commercial feat: Roger Federer - DISH Network "Ugly Bill" Commercial - NCIS - The Mentalist - ALPHAS - NCIS:Los Angeles - CSI:Miami - 90210 - Lie To Me - Christmas Cupid - MTV Video Music Awards Pre Show - VMAs Revealed - Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Basketball Wives LA - Slednecks - Wild 'n Out: Wildest Moments - Wait 'Til Next Year - Hollywood Exes - Atlanta Exes - Tough Love: Co-Ed - Best Ink - City Girl Diaries - World Of Jenks - Model Employee - Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family - Cuff'd - Real World: San Diego - Bad Girls Club - Khloe & Lamar - When I Was 17 - Punk'd - Love Games - Making Menudo - Everwood - One Life To Live - Real World: St. Thomas - 10 On Top - Girlfriend Confidential: LA - The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes - The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons - Making Mr. Right - I'm Married To A - The Hook Up - Van Halen: Concert Intro & Programming (07-08 Reunion Tour) - Tommy Bolin "Whips & Roses 1&2" Mixing - Language Reviewer: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" - Samples: Brent Fitz (Slash's World Tour 2010-2011, 2012 & 2013) - RazorBall - X-World/5 - 3 Of A Different Kind - Protecto - Programming/Samples: Eric Singer (Kiss 2012 Tour) - The New Czars (remix) - John Christ (Danzig): Drums on FleshCaffeine - Nelson: Concert Intro - Alcatrazz: Concert Intro - 2 Grammy Nominations - 5 Solo Records ("Electronic Core District Pt.1", "Electronic Core District Pt.2", "Electronic Core District Pt.3", "BS In Da Club", "Time Machine") - Prune Bros "Hi Five-0" (Remake of "Hawaii Five-0" Theme Feat. Papa Dee) - "Feel It" (Feat. Nina Henderson) - "Take U Higher" (Feat. Papa Dee) - Big Swede Meets Haakon Graf "There Is Still Time" - "Rock Star" (Feat. Big Swede, Patrick Stone, Johnny Griparic, Howie Simon) (2014) - Tweek Show: "Dirt Ta Dust" (Feat. Big Swede, Greg Hampton, Reeves Gabrels, Rod Jackson) (2014) - Refurbished: "Show Up For The Showdown" (2014) - Refurbished: "Only Want The Best" (2014) - Big Swede: Date Night In A Straitjacket" (2015).

BS catalog includes 750 broadcast ready tracks.

Collaborations include: Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie), Les Hemstock (Hemstock & Jennings), Paul Ill (James Blunt, Christina Aguilera), Greg Hampton (The Tubes, Alice Cooper), Papa Dee, Johnny Griparic (Slash's Snakepit), Rod Jackson (Slash's Snakepit), Jimmy Z (Eurythmics), Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis (Gun's & Roses), Haakon Graf (ECM, Hawk On Flight), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Magnus Rosen (Hammerfall).

BIG SWEDE has released five solo albums, "Electronic Core District Pt.1" (2013 Big Swede Studios), "Electronic Core District Pt.2" (2013 Big Swede Studios), "Electronic Core District Pt.3" (2013 Big Swede Studios), the 2 CD set “BS In Da Club” (2010 Big Swede Studios) and “Time Machine” (2007 Big Swede Studios), all in the Electronica vein. There were 3 videos made for the “BS In Da Club” release: “Aliens In Hollywood”, “Consider Loving Me Next” and “Feel It (Rock Your World)”. The Electro/House single "Take U Higher" was released late 2012 and featured Papa Dee on vocals.

"Tweek Show - Dirt Ta Dust" (2014 Big Swede Studios) was released in June 2014. The single was a collaboration between Big Swede, Greg Hampton (Alice Cooper, Bootsy Collins), Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie) and Rod Jackson (Slash's Snakepit). The flavor is funky rock with greasy guitars and vocals full of soul.

The single "Big Swede - Rock Star" (2014 Big Swede Studios) was released in May 2014. It features Patrick Stone (Adler's Appetite), Howie Simon (Alcatrazz) and Johnny Griparic (Slash's Snakepit). The track is a full on rocker with somewhat of a punkish energy and vibe.

A collaboration with European Grammy Winner Haakon Graf resulted in the 7 song EP, "Big Swede Meets Haakon Graf - There Is Still Time" (2013 Big Swede Studios). It was released in the summer of 2013 featuring a mix of downtempo & contemporary jazz, with an eclectic and chill vibe.

BIG SWEDE’s rock project "Refurbished" released the album titled "Only Want The Best" in September 2014. It’s a hi-energy rock record with 17 hi-profile guests on it: Rod Jackson (Slash’s Snakepit), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure), Paul Ill (Christina Aguilera, Courtney Love), Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen) and Michael Devin (Whitesnake), are among the guests.

There will also be a Metal/Electronica EP released in 2014.

A remake of the immensely popular 70’s TV theme “Hawaii Five-0” was released as “Hi Five-0” (2011 Big Swede Studios), under the alias “Prune Bros”, after BIG SWEDE met up with British hit dance music producer Les Hemstock (Hemstock & Jennings). It was a beefed up version using all electronic sounds, but at the same time staying true to the original. The track also featured Sweden’s rap / ragga master Papa Dee in the breakdown with police sirens, car chases and helicopters flying.

BS has been a part of several bands/projects over the years. Heavy metal band “X-World/5”, with the release “New Universal Order” (2008 AFM), was a band with members from Sweden, Norway and the US. It was a futuristic metal concept, heavy and dirty, set in a post-nuclear era. The band included Andy LaRocque (founding member of King Diamond), Magnus Rosen (ex-bass Hammerfall), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, Tin Machine) and Nils K. Ruhe (Pagan’s Mind), together with BIG SWEDE.

A collaboration with Greg Hampton (Alice Cooper, Lita Ford), became the band “Razorball”, with a release titled “Razorball” (2008 Mascot). The band had a classic rock vibe, with lots of guitars and also included Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie) and Rod Jackson (Slash’s Snakepit).

“3 Of A Different Kind” with the release titled “There’s A Rhythm To These Streets” (2006 Big Swede Studios), was a record with an organic flavor. There are even a few unplugged tracks on the record, stripping it down to acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. A mix of rock/blues/soul, the record featured Rod Jackson (Slash’s Snakepit) on vocals.
“Protecto” was an experimental project between BIG SWEDE and Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure). The release “Sonicnauts” (2006 Big Swede Studios / Myth Music) was a sonic adventure recorded, while these two space explorers were cruising around in BIG SWEDE’s “Negotiator”, far beyond our Solar System. It’s a crazy, fun, wacky record.

Earlier years, BIG SWEDE played drums for a plethora of artists and recordings, both in his native Gothenburg, Sweden and later in Los Angeles, after moving there in -95. Most notably were tracks for “Melrose Place”, “Major League 3”, and for John Christ’s (Danzig) solo record, named “Flesh Caffeine”.