Lawrence White (born December 16, 1974), is an American rapper, and actor, better known as 40 Glocc. He was formally signed to Infamous Records and G-Unit Records. He is also an artist of G-Unit West, closely associated with the acts on the roster. Biography: Early life: Lawrence White was born in Galveston Texas on December 16, 1974. At the age of ten in 1984, he moved with his mother to various locations in California, until finally settling in the Inland Empire city of Colton also known as "The Zoo". He began to rap with local friends and by 1997, his group, the "Zoo Crew", were recording and promoting their first album, Migrate, Adapt or Die, produced by Tony G and Julio G. Rap career: 40 Glocc negotiated a deal with Empire Musicwerks, with distribution by BMG. It was through this deal, he recorded and released his first solo effort, "The Jakal", which featured such guests as, Bad Azz, Tray Deee, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Mac Minister, Spice 1 and several others; and such producers as Battlecat and Dr. Dre among several others. It was after this album that he decided to part ways with Empire Music. His manager was also managing Mobb Deep, who were then signed to G-Unit Records. 40 Glocc joined their label, Infamous Records, under the G-Unit imprint. Recent events: 40 Glocc has worked with artists such as Dr. Dre, The Alchemist and Havoc. He has also been working with his group, the "Zoo Babies", while also promoting his label "ZooLife Ent.". He has also been on tour with such acts as G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Ray J, Snoop & Doggpound & many more. He's released a song entitled "Where the Hammers At?", the beat for which was later used as the beat for G-Unit's song Rider Pt. 2. He later released a remix to "Hammers" which features G-Unit and their respective verses of Rider Pt. 2. In late fall 2010, 40 Glocc signed affiliated rapper Ras Kass to his label Zoo Life. He released a digital street album that year called "COPS" with various features from Jayo Felony, Tip Toe, Tony Yayo and more. Furthermore, 40 Glocc and Spider Loc released an official highly anticipated album "Graveyard Shift" in stores & online in March 2011. The following year, he released his first proper solo album after numerous delays and setbacks. 40 Glocc was recently featured in the film Rhyme and Punishment. This 2011 documentary chronicles rap artists who have been to prison. Legal Issues: Police Shooting: In 1996, 40 Glocc was wounded in a wild shootout with police officers in the Abor Terrace housing projects in Colton, California. Although 40 has denied firing a gun at the police, he was arrested and charged with attempted murder of a peace officer. Gang Injunction: In October 2010, a California judge ruled 40 Glocc, who is a member of the Colton City Crips, will be included in an injunction prohibiting 60 gang members from congregating near the Arbor Terrace Apartments In Colton, California. The Arbor Terrace Apartments in Colton is said to be their headquarters where the county's district attorney said members hang out, package and sell drugs - 40 Glocc being one of them. Police believe the Gang is also behind numerous shootings throughout the city as well as murders. The gang is also heavily involved in illegal gambling, robbery, extortion and prostitution. In their filings, officers also describe Colton City Crips throwing Molotov cocktails at Arbor Terrace management for towing their cars, enlisting children as drug lookouts and threatening to burn apartments if residents don't allow them to be used as hideouts. Gang members have been convicted of shooting people for not giving up a cigarette. Arrests: In 1995, 40 Glocc was arrested and charged with attempted murder of a peace officer after a shootout in Colton, California. He was also wounded in the shooting. December 16, 2009, 40 Glocc and members of Zoo Life were questioned by police in Times Square, New York City, for a shooting that took place outside of an MTV Building. No charges were ever filed. January 24th 2011, 40 Glocc was arrested in San Bernardino on suspicion of various weapons violations after he was carrying a loaded-9mm handgun in a sports utility vehicle. 40, who was identified by the police as a Colton City Crip member, was arrested a block away from the Arbor Terrace Apartments, an area he and other gang members are banned from congregating near under a 2008 court injunction. Police were patrolling the area when they approached 40 Glocc and several other people loitering near a carport area. 40 Glocc was sitting in a black Range Rover with other gang members when police found the gun. He was later released on $100,000 bail. On October 19th, 2011, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. October 3, 2011, 40 Glocc was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with 3 counts of domestic battery by strangulation and coercion with force. 40 allegedly hit his girlfriend several times around the head, face, legs, and rib area and choking her to the point she could not speak or breathe. Once he fell asleep, she was able to sneak away and dial 911. Police arrested 40 as he was trying to flee his home. The woman claims 40 had been assaulting her for over a year and she was afraid to go to the law, in fear she might be killed. Controversy: In June 2008, a YouTube video was posted online of 40 Glocc holding two diamond Young Money necklaces, who were previously taken from Young Money recording artist, Tyga. 40 Glocc is holding the necklaces for ransom after a fellow member of his entourage took them from Tyga. Both necklaces were reportedly bought back by Lil Wayne in "Cash Money". In October 2009, a video was posted online showing 40 Glocc and members of his Zoo-Life Crip Gang showing up to Florida rapper, Plies, video shoot to test his street credibility. The video shoot which also featured Jamie Foxx, was being filmed in L.A. Jamie Foxx, who was standing next to Plies when he was about to be approached by 40 Glocc, confirms that Plies ran towards the bathrooms and locked himself inside. He claims Plies was afraid for his life and returned to the video shoot wearing no jewelery. In May 2011, 40 Glocc and Blackwall Street's Compton Menace got into a physical altercation during the Cage vs. Cons event at the L.A. Sports Arena in Los Angeles. The fight allegedly stems over gang ties and also due to G-Unit and Blackwall Street having a long lasting beef. The Game: In July 2012, 40 Glocc got into an altercation with The Game outside of a mansion in Hollywood, California. The altercation was recorded and quickly became an infamous video when released online. 40 released a diss track to Game titled "The Full Edit" after Game recently dissed 40 on his new album. 40 Glocc would follow this with filing a lawsuit for $4.54 million for assault and battery, as well as damaging his reputation. This includes: $500,000 in pain and suffering; $500,000 in emotional distress; $750,000 in lost earnings; $2 million for punitive damages; $25,000 in medical expenses; and various other reasons. In 2013, 40 would go on to win the lawsuit, costing The Game an estimated $4.5 Million. As a result of the altercation with Game and 40's subsequent decision to file a lawsuit against him, 40 is enduring a very strong backlash in the Hip Hop scene and has suffered a critical blow to his career due to many fans and artists alike labeling him a snitch for how he has handled his feud with The Game but in spite of this, The beef between 40 and Game remains unresolved as 40 has released several more diss songs targeting The Game in recent months.

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