Benny James musical mission is very clear, give the fans his pain, let the fans connect on a deeper level, and have the fans understand who he really is throughout his music. He refers to his genre of music as being "Dark Underground Rap" with a mix of "Comedy", "Happy" and most of all "DEEP".

"I am definitely not like any other artist out there," says Benny James. This Independent Artist, whose motto is "F#ck Normal, Stay Weird," has truly made an impact in the Hip Hop scene in the Michigan area. Benny has made people look deeper by topping the 'Reverbnation' charts as ranked #1 for his city for 5 months straight! He now holds the #2 spot consistently, and says he will be back at that number 1 spot in no time.

"I am a hard person to figure out, and I think that's why people don't take my music serious, or won't even bother to give the time of day," says Benny. "I make real music about my TRUE life and the life that surrounds me. I have never been the fake person, I write about my true feelings, and all the negative shit I see around me. My father is hooked on crack and left when I was 3 years old, and my mother has been deathly ill my whole life with 'Crohn's Disease." says Benny.

"I think when you're an "INDIE" artist and not signed to a major label or in the spotlight like most of those artist, people will never give you the time of day. So you really gotta get your music stuck in their head and constantly be out there promoting your stuff." Benny says.

Growing up as a teenager in the era of when Eminem, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, DMX, and other artist in that time were very popular, Benny always knew he had a special gift when it came to writing poetry and actual full songs. "I wrote my first poem when I was 11 years old for my mom who was sick in the hospital at the time," says Benny. "After that I knew, I just knew music was gonna be my escape out and a way for me to relate to others that have gone through similar stuff like me." He often says he is a Misfit, and that is who he relates to the most. "I feel like I have always looked out for the underdog, yano the kid that always got bullied and picked on because I was that KID," says Benny.

He remains true to the Underground Hip-Hop Scene and has stated that if a "Major Label Deal" was right and he knew he wouldn't get screwed over he might consider signing the dotted line... But until then he will remain true to the underground and sticking to putting his music out Independently.

"I feel like Underground Rap and Artist are the truest form of music you will get in Hip-Hop, we are the artist that stay hungry 24/7, we are the artist that speak about real life issues, and talk about stuff most rappers in the mainstream won't," says Benny.

Sticking to releasing his music Independently he has already released 2 Mixtapes, 1 EP Album, is in the process of recording his first full length LP Album, and constantly is releasing singles on YouTube, and Reverbnation. "The world is gonna hear me, I promise you all that. You're gonna get attached to my music, and your gonna be wanting and asking me for more and more," says Benny.

He is a Studio junky and basically lives in the Studio. Be on the look out for more new songs and another tour this Summer '15. If you would like to get in contact with Benny James then visit the links below!