This French duo lined up bass player Fred (formerly on guitars and vocals for Daily Planets) and Franck (ex-Mush member) on drums. The two guys met at a university and began to jam not knowing if there would be a guitarist or not in the band. They remained a duo after they successfully started opening for bands who performed at the bar Fred was working in. In 1996, the first album, Both, came out. The release contained eight tracks, but only five songs; the other three tracks were very short musical passages, it was an energetic indie rock/rock experimental album. The production Cool Jazz With a Punk Attitude, a 10" with the rock duo Dèche Dans Face, was out the following year. The second and last album of the band, Debeso, was released the same year. In early 1998, Franck created Sonore, a label dedicated to experimental music on an international range, and definitely put aside the Belly Button project. On his side, Fred kept on playing with different lineups. In 2001, he recorded an album with his deviant rock & roll band Fredovitch (he on keyboards and organ accompanied by a drummer). ~ Romain Guillou, Rovi