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Official Site: | @bellemaremusic
London native Amelia Bushell caught the attention of Thomas Servidone while performing at an open mic in Brooklyn, NY. The chance encounter between the two turned into a collaboration that would quickly become Belle Mare.

After just the first two meetings between the two, the duo had written their first two songs, one of them being their first single, "The Boat of the Fragile Mind", a haunting pop ballad that would define their signature blend of serene vocal melodies, ornamented with subtle pianos and dazzling synth textures.

Within the next four months, the duo wrote and recorded their first full length album, The Boat of the Fragile Mind, all in the modest confines of Thomas's apartment in Brooklyn.

With influences ranging from Sibylle Baier and Mazzy Star to darker indie acts such as The Notwist and Grouper, Belle Mare effortlessly compounds a modern vibe with retrospective leanings to create something nostalgic yet exploratory.