Brittany Davis (aka Bebe O’ Hare) was born on November 8, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.

Growing up in the south side of Chicago (an area known for its crime & poverty as well as its determined working class), young Brittany learned her work ethic and was inspired by her single mother Valerie Davis, who worked day and night to make sure that her children would have a stable and safe environment.

At age four, Brittany watched the hit female group “EnVogue” perform “Never Gonna Get It” on the televised American Music Awards. Much to the delight of Brittany, her mom taped the show and the eager toddler repeatedly watched the performance “hundreds of times.”

Months later, her mother surprised her with concert tickets to see En Vogue, who were touring with Luther Vandross. After watching her favorite group, Davis looked up and said; “Mama, we can leave now.” Her mother looked down and said, “I didn’t come to see them. Girl, Luther is about to hit the stage.” Since that day, she has also loved the music of Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson.

At age six, Brittany began playing basketball and competed for her school and traveling teams until the age of 16. The athletic training and discipline has helped her meet the physical demands of her current career.

While attending Kenwood High School in Chicago, she also discovered a passion for art and graphic design. After her art became popular and admired by art teachers and her principal, she decided to pursue her studies at Columbia College Chicago, an institution of the Arts.

While on a school break, her younger brother talked her into writing rap songs with him to post on YouTube. Brittany and brother Brock Massie were an instant hit.

After returning to school, Brittany showed her rap videos to a fellow art student Armond Davis, who was also currently working on his own rap career. The two decided to record a few songs together. When the school year ended, Brittany began to work on her new dream of becoming a Rap Star.

At home, she connected with younger brother Brock (Lambo Scott King) and decided to do more songs to get their buzz up. Armond had moved to California to take an internship for Atlantic Records. During this time, Armond got a chance to play his music for radio executive Brannon Scales. While listening to Armond and Brittany’s tracks, Scales became interested in the unique female voice of the duo. He immediately called a meeting with a team of key music industry tastemakers to get their opinion on Brittany aka “Air Breezy.” They all agreed that the young Chicago native had something special.

While he was on tour and traveling to Chicago, Scales reached out to Brittany and asked if she would be interested in meeting with him. Brittany and her mother agreed and they had a successful meeting. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Scales instructed his team to move forward. Brannon called Brittany and invited her and her mother to come to L.A. and meet with the team.

Scales set up studio sessions and video shoots for some freestyles Brittany wrote. She went to work and began recording with upcoming artists Dahi, Boom Bap, Dem Jointz and Donyea G. She also worked with established producers Futuristics, Stereotypes, and Midi Mafia. While recording, Scales wasn’t sure about the name “Air Breezy,” and spoke to her about a name change. Brittany came back with childhood nickname “Bebe” and Scales added “O’Hare” as homage to Chicago’s international airport. “Bebe O’Hare” was born.

With a new stage name, and more developed as an artist, Bebe, Midi Mafia, Scales partner Earl Johnson decided that her records needed to be big and get attention out the gate. Together they created a non-traditional sound, a great fit for the new hot MC from Chicago. While in working in Los Angeles, Scales received a call from the Woodstar Festival (an annual event in Chicago presented by NBA star Shannon Brown) inviting Bebe to enter a talent contest to win a spot as the opening act for the festival. After entering a week later, Scales was notified that Bebe had won the contest and would be performing in the upcoming show.

At the Woodstar Festival, Sway from MTV along with Co-Host VH1’s Janell Snowden presented Bebe O’Hare to her hometown of Chicago. Bebe’s energetic performance was well received by the crowd. She was also praised by Hip Hop legends MC Lyte, Ed Lover, Naughty by Nature, R&B singer Monica and others.

Bebe is currently shooting visuals for recent releases “Aye Yo” and “Pass Out” with Chicago natives Dear Chi and Clark Airlines. She is finishing her debut project while continuing to work with producer duo Midi Mafia, who produced her forthcoming “Do It Like Me,” set to be released in October of 2012.