If this is the first time you heard BASEHEAD's name, it will surely not be your last. Based out of northern California, BASEHEAD aka Grat Bodkin has caught the attention of quite a few people over the last 18 months when he initially began releasing music. His first release came out just months after he began producing electronic music on Mizumo Music, and since then, his sound has evolved so significantly and quickly, that his fast rising has been virtually inevitable.
Gutter level filthiness saturates his complex sawtooth bass lines, as BASEHEAD sticks to no boundaries in his production. BASEHEAD crushes it in multiple genres, and is no stranger to the beatport charts. His recent release "iRock" from Elektroshok Records dominated the beatport top 10 breaks charts for over almost over 4 weeks, as well as earned play on the San Francisco bay area radio station WILD94.9. BASEHEAD's recent remix of Heavygrinder's "Sway" also earned him a spot in the top half of the Beatport dubstep charts for nearly 2 weeks, and in February 2012, his remix of "Square Shaped Circles" climbed the breaks charts for roughly 3 weeks, leaving it as an electro break favorite of many DJs. 2012 has been a huge year for this artist, with releases on hard-hitting labels such as Bugeyed Records, Elektroshok Records, and ODN Records, ranging in genres from electro, breaks and dubstep. As of late, his tracks have been receiving support from artists such as The Crystal Method, Electric Soulside, The Destroyers, Kid Panel, Bioblitz, Peep'Tom, DJ Denise, Forest Green, Ethan Miller, and many more.

Keep your ears pealed for releases scheduled to come out through the end of 2012. The momentum is only getting stronger, and this young studio beast has no intention of slowing down...

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