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Official Site: | @bandcalledcatch
Band Called Catch is a national touring Alt-Folk-Rock Band from Chicago, IL.

The first thing that strikes you about Band Called Catch’s latest album, The Story, is its sheer musical diversity of its songs. It touches on everything from rock and roll (Black and White Socks) to the 50’s style doo-wop title song, The Story. The range of music released by BCC shows that they have been tirelessly creating, making them such a riveting band to watch.

This has been a very exciting year for BCC, with a Best Love Song nomination (When In Rome) from The Independent Music Awards, and placements on MTV, among others. The dynamic sound and show that BCC delivers has landed them bills with the likes of Grace Potter, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Crash Kings, Dawes, Drive By Truckers, Cory Chisel, and hundreds of other knowns and unknowns. BCC has played at notable venues around the country including Webster Hall, Metro, Lincoln Hall, Schubas, The Green Mill, Hard Rock, House of Blues, and all of their favorite Chicago neighborhood spots.

The band finds its niche in intelligent songwriting, which is explosively danceable. With strong Americana roots, catchy hooks, and rich harmonies, you’ll find yourself humming along by the second listen. Everyone in the band has a variety of other projects and academic pursuits, but they come together to make some sweet, sweet music. With the addition of a palate of orchestral elements- trumpet, sax, cabasa, glockenspiel- the music has so many layers. This is music for people who unabashedly sing and drum along on their steering wheels.

Band Called Catch is music for all ears, check out the tunes on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

“I have never been able to force myself to write a song, they sort of come and go at odd times when I’m dealing with something or thinking about nothing. We are such a positive, fun band, and while some things are born from tragedy, a lot of it is inspired by love and everything inbetween.”
–Tim Frank, (Lead Vocals / Guitar)

“We all have different musical backgrounds and influences; it’s hard to put us into one category. But being so eclectic is what really sets us apart.”
– Doug Waxman (Lead Guitar)

“The music has been a very personal journey. The best part about it for us is re-telling the stories and sharing them and making people think and relate. I think we entertain like no other band. We really just enjoy the music, it’s so much fun to dance to and groove to and sing to. I have so much fun on stage that I forget to check in with the audience and make sure they’re enjoying it. I think we have an energy that is captivating and you just can’t help but watch. With this music, the lyrics are the first thing that grabs you, then the rise and fall of the groove, and the pulse that drives underneath every song. IT makes you want to play the album on repeat. I was a fan before I was ever even in the band. ”
Jess Lyons (Vocals & Auxillary)

“BCC is special because we give you a sense of shared community, we are your friends.”
–John Dorhauer (Trumpet)

Tim Frank- (Vocals/Lead Guitar) Tim graduated from DePaul University and has been playing guitar since he could walk. With no formal training, Tim plays from the heart with tenacity like no other. In addition to BCC, you can hear him doing voice overs on the radio, see him on TV in various commercials, or see him live on stage at the Tony Award winning Steppenwolf Theatre.

Jess Lyons- (Vocals/ Auxillary) Jess graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a BFA in Acting. She’s always been a musical theatre singer, and is ecstatic to be a part of BCC and try her hand at song writing. In addition to BCC, she’s getting her foot in the door with the tribute world and touring with Johnny Cash and Elvis Tributes. She also tours with a live game show starring 5 time Emmy winner Bob Eubanks.

Doug Waxman- (Lead Guitar). From St. Louis, MO, Doug has been playing since he was 12. He sells English-teaching classes overseas by day, and brings his giddy energy and unique playing style to BCC by night.

Matt Sebby- (Drums). Matt has been playing on pots and pans in the kitchen since he could open the cabinets. He started playing out in Chicago with his High School punk band, and now plays with several bands in all types of generes all over the country and world. Matt just did two tours in Singapore with Chris Medina, American Idol hopeful, and also plays with Joey Midnight and the Fleshtones, a 60’s Rock n’ Roll tribute.

John Dorhauer- (Trumpet). John stays active as a freelance composer and educator. John has had his compositions performed and recorded by Fifth House Ensemble, Timothy Munro of Eighth Blackbird, Orion Ensemble, the Chicago College of Performing Arts Wind Ensemble, and many others. He is also the founder, director, and primary composer/arranger for Heisenberg Uncertainty Players, which is a jazz big band that performs exclusively music written or arranged by members of the group. John is currently an adjunct professor at Elmhurst College and Roosevelt University, where he teaches various undergraduate music courses and private composition lessons. He also teaches a number of private trumpet students as well as an extracurricular music theory class for a middle school choral group. As a performer, John remains active in a number of widely varying ensembles, play everything from jazz, rock, and music from Spaghetti Western soundtracks. To find out more about John, visit his website ( as well as HUP’s website ("

Tim Koelling- (Sax). Raised in the musical hotbed of West Des Moines, Iowa (ha!), Tim Koelling has been playing saxophone for close to 20 years. After studying music at Webster University in St. Louis, and earning degrees in subjects totally unrelated from the University of Iowa, Tim set out for Chicago to immerse himself in one of the best music scenes in the world. After arriving he took his flair for the avant-garde to start his genera-bending jazz trio Pink Monkey (, and settled in as one of the first members of the Shout Section Big Band where he met fellow BCC Member John Dorhauer.

Dave Langley- (Bass). When it comes to playing the bass, Dave Langley is The Business. Over the past 10 years, Dave has explored a vast expanse of musical tundra on a dogsled of dogged determination. His playing style incorporates elements of funk, reggae, blues, country, and classic rock. Nothing provides him with a bigger thrill than playing a live show, and this excitement is reflected in his boundless onstage energy. You will not find a bassist with a more charming leg-kick dance or well-timed crotch thrust. In addition to playing withBand Called Catch, you can find Dave jamming with a number of other Chicago groups, including Jackpot Donnie, Fersher, Miss Jackie and the Sass, The Spherical Banana, and the Flabby Hoffman Trio.