Desiree Hagman (born Desirée Sparre-Enger; 25 June 1976), mostly known by her stage name Bambee, is a Norwegian bubblegum dance singer from Nordstrand, Oslo. She used the name Bambee as a reference to her eyes, comparable to those of a deer. Originally she considered using the name Bambi but changed the spelling to avoid copyright issues. Several of her more popular songs, including "Cowgirl", "17 sai" and "Bumble Bee", have appeared on the Dance Dance Revolution game series. She has also made her songs available for In the Groove 2. Bambee's debut album "On Ice" released in December 1999 in Japan and then in Norway in April 2000, where it peaked at #33 on VG-lista. Her second album "Fairytales" released in June 2001. In 2002, a third album was in the works for Bambee, but for unknown reasons, possibly due to the decline of sales in the Bubblegum Dance market, the album was shelved.

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