Ayşegül Pronunciation ɑjʃeɣyl Gender Female Language(s) Turkish Origin Meaning She who lives + rose Other names See also Aisha Look up Ayşegül in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Ayşegül is a Turkish given name for females. The name is derived from "Ayşe," the Turkish form for the Arabic name Aisha, meaning "she who lives," plus "Gül," a Turkish word meaning "rose." Notable women named Ayşegül include: Ayşegül Abadan (born 1980), Turkish pianist, Ayşegül Acevit (born 1968), Turkish -German writer, Ayşegül Aldinç (born 1962), Turkish singer and actress, Ayşegül Behlivan, Turkish Muay Thai and wushu practitioner., Ayşegül Çoban (born 1992), Turkish weightlifter, Ayşegül Günay (born 1992), Turkish baketball player

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