If you're looking for the rap chick with over sexed-lyrics written by someone other than herself, keep looking because Aydee is not that girl.

"I may have a box," says Louisiana rapper Aydee in a joking manner, but I'll be damn if anybody tries to put me in a box. Don't understimate how I'm coming simply because I'm a female. Don't come to my shows in heels worrying about if you look cute because I love to party. When you leave, your feet will hurt and your wrap will be just that--a wrap!"

Yes, she does come equipped with a killer physique and lyrical content that might make you blush if you're freak factor is less than turnt up, but Angel "Aydee" Dennis has gained a reputation across South Louisiana as the next up and coming female to bless a microphone. Influenced by Da Brat and Aaliyah, she has worked with an impressive list of heavy-hitters in the industry, such as Trill Ent.'s Mouse On Da Track, who is featured on the single "Top Notch".

Aydee was always a star athelete, but her love for rap started at the tender age of 6. She and her older brothers would have cypher sessions at home and on long road trips. Wanting to master her skills, she beagn writing down lyrics for the next time she and her brothers would battle each other. One Christmas, her mother (who would drive her to the recording studio every weekend) bought her a karoke machine. Needless to say, it's been on and poppin ever since!

If you're ears havent't had the pleasure to sample Aydee's music, listen to "Devil Leave Me Lone." It's an honest look at life as she sees it from her everyday ups and downs and is guaranteed to inspire listeners on their darkest days.

"Music is what I do everyday, no matter if I'm working or at home chillin'. If I had to quit everything else, I would because this was made for me," says Aydee.

Aydee's music has been well received virally, craeting a fanbase in a short amount of time. She looks forward to the release of her much-anticipated mixtape Da Relief, which can be downloaded for free on www.datpiff.com.

Her latest video, New Orleans Vibe, can be found on Youtube. For booking an/or features, contact a.dennis88@yahoo.com.