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Official Site: | @AvaLemert
A soulful singer, songwriter, and saxophonist that exudes a throwback flavor which old-school music connoisseurs just seem to crave,

Ava Lemert is a slice of classic wrapped in new age music. With her graceful beauty and grand voice, Ms. Ava, as she is affectionately referred to by her fans, is a fresh breath of oxygen in the cookie-cutter world of carbon copies. Specializing in the profound and vintage tunes reminiscent of the late greats (Teena Marie, Curtis Mayfield, & Dusty Springfield, to name a few), Ava Lemert is bringing good music back by channeling the massively soulful icons of yore. Thus making the notion “They just don’t make that kind of music anymore,” an officially outdated phrase.

This multi-faceted artist’s highly influential saxophone and vocal talents have earned her nonstop accolades as well as a tremendously loyal fan base. Since launching her recording career with her full length debut, “From My Soul” in 2009, Ava also released a total of eight popular singles, including her latest, the haunting sax/vocal tune “When the Night Falls,” which also resulted in her first music video. The most recent recording is Ava L Soul, a four track EP of perfectly-picked covers that feature exceptionally refreshing interpretations of the classic tracks, “Me and Mr. Jones,” Sade’s “Your Love Is King,” “If I Can’t Have You,” and “Ooh Baby Baby.”

Currently on a mission to reintroduce new audiences to the timeless music that she knows and loves, Ms. Lemert is far from a fly-by-night, gimmicky entity. Quite the contrary, in fact, Ms. Ava can currently be found performing her brand of contemporary jazz music in every quaint venue with awesome acoustics, in the California region.

Determined to bring love and soul back to music with her infectious tracks and flawless vocals, soon many may come down with a case of Ava fever.