Autofiction is a two-piece band from Denmark, with a highly recommended Digital EP release out on Trechoma Records. Autofiction play a crossover between electronica-rockabilly-punk with the addition of a 1920ʼies Diva. Whereas founding member Kirstine Fogh Vindelev is quite a new name on the scene, her band-mate Bjarke Staun has tried some of the fuzz of the music-bizz before with his previous band Superheroes who made it big in Europe. Kirstine and Bjarke are two opposites, with Kirstine drawn to the sounds of the electronica-scene and Bjarke drawn to the use of real instruments the music they make together as Autofiction becomes quite unique. With acoustic drums, bass and twang-guitar combined with beats, synths and samples Autofiction have created their own sound. The sound is more Diva than dance and with the darker and twisted touches Autofiction pull themselves away from the clichés of the electronica-scene. The single "Hey You" is from the EP "number 1" which has got good response in Danish media whilst given the band a lot of concerts in unique venues.