Alternative Folk
Aunt Martha is the creative vessel of songwriter and vocalist Tim Noyes. The band has taken various shapes since it first emerged in 2009, all the while being propelled by the constant writing and touring that has become Noyes’ trademark. After a busy 2011 with over 150 dates played all over the US and Canada, the band has slowed things down in 2012 to record its debut full-length studio album with a fresh lineup of musicians. Songs that once fit squarely into the acoustic folk-rock realm have been kicked up several notches with much bigger arrangements. At its core Noyes’ writing is still quintessentially the same, but the steady acoustic guitar rhythms and captivating vocals are now set against a backdrop of heavy synths and drums punctuated by keys and electric guitar. The band plans to release a new music video and single before the close of 2012 when they officially announce the new album, which is expected in early 2013.