From his forays in drum and bass to his mainstream pop-appeal, Atlantic Connection has maintained a solid sense of soul & depth in every musical direction he’s chosen to pursue. With a 10 year career and an intimidating discography, AC has firmly established himself as one of EDM’s most visionary artists. Raised in Boston, now residing in Los Angeles, Atlantic Connection’s background in music began from early childhood. Growing up in a family immersed in music and culture, AC’s natural creative inclinations were implicitly supported, and therefore allowed him to develop himself though these musical creations.

By the age of 20, Atlantic Connection released his first record under guise Basic Operations on the San Francisco label Phuturo Recordings. This paved the way for a string of releases on some of the world’s top drum & bass labels including Creative Source, Renegade, CIA, Human, Freak, Tangent/Beta, V Recordings & Liquid V and many more. In 2008 Atlantic Connection released his first full length album “Tomorrow’s Not Enough," a discriminating mix of hip hop, drum & bass and electro house. The album featured some of EDM’s strongest performers including Armanni Reign, Tali and Whiskey Pete which ultimately made it a summer success, resulting in licensing deals with Global Underground & VH1.

Firmly establishing himself in the ranks of EDM, and quickly infiltrating the commercial world, Atlantic Connection took a hiatus to Hawaii to begin work on his sophomore album in 2009. He returned to Los Angeles inspired from island life and immediately let the music juices flow. The following two years, AC also took the commercial music world by storm. His high musical output amassed the attention of Viacom Media and Hype Music (Extreme Music/MTV) which led to him ultimately producing music for 15+ TV shows across the networks. Companies including Harmonix Video Games (Dance Central 2), MTV Films, Paramount and Fox TV came knocking on his door soon after.

The completion of his second album “Love Architect” in the spring of 2012 sees Atlantic Connection returning to his roots in soul and bass. Featuring songs with New York’s Shannon Swain, a remix by Kastle and flavors spanning the entire spectrum of groove, “Love Architect” is already being heralded as a success. The massive “My Love” featuring Tali has hit the daytime air waves on New Zealand’s 96.6 GeorgeFM station. The future is bright for AC, he’s preparing to host a new radio show, working on a clothing company, kicking off a new record label and continuing to produce nonstop for a wide array of media & artists.

Atlantic Connection’s dynamic approach to music has lead him down many paths and experiences, but regardless of his creative direction, one thing we can always count on is his uncanny ability to create a soulful experience through his music.