Astro may refer to: Contents 1 Entertainment and media, 2 Gaming, 3 Satellites, 4 Science and medicine, 5 Sports, 6 Television services, 7 Vehicles, 8 Other, 9 See also, Entertainment and media: Astro (UB40), a member of the British reggae band UB40, Astro (Chilean band), a Chilean indie rock band, Astro (Japanese band), a Japanese noise music project, Astro (rapper), a contestant on the first season of the U.S. version of The X Factor in 2011, "Astro", a song by The White Stripes from their 1999 debut The White Stripes, Astro Lounge, a 1999 album by rock band Smash Mouth, Astro (The Jetsons), a dog character who's in The Jetsons franchise., Astro Boy (1963 TV series), the American title for the Japanese animated series Tetsuwan Atomu, Astro City, a comic book series, Astro Megaship, a fictional spaceship from the TV series Power Rangers in Space, Gaming: Astro (convention), a contract bridge bidding convention, Astro Chicken, a video game, Satellites: ASTRO, the Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations vehicle, an American technology demonstration satellite, Project names of astronomy satellites developed by ISAS (now JAXA) ASTRO-A (Hinotori (satellite)), ASTRO-B (Tenma), ASTRO-C (Ginga (satellite)), ASTRO-D (Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics), ASTRO-E and ASTRO-EII (Suzaku), ASTRO-F (Akari), ASTRO-G (VSOP-2), ASTRO-H (NeXT), , Science and medicine: American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology or its annual conference, Astronomy Astrobiology, Astrochemistry, Astro-geodetic methods, a group of important methods in geodesy, satellite techniques and astrometry, Astrometry, Astrophysics, Astropy, , Sports: The Houston Astros, a Major League Baseball team, Astrodome, a sports venue in Houston, Texas, and the first home of the Houston Astros, Television services: Astro (television), a Malaysian subscription-based multi-channel satellite TV and radio service Astro MAX, a former personal video recorder service for Astro (Malaysian satellite television), , Astro Nusantara, a former Indonesia subscription-based multi-channel TV service, Vehicles: Chevrolet Astro, a "mid-size" van, GMC Astro, a cabover tractor-trailer truck made by GMC from 1968-1988, Astro-Gnome, an American automobile, Other: Adobe Flash Player version 10, Astrology Astro-twin, an astrology term, , Astro (Motorola), used to describe the digital voice radios produced by Motorola, Astro navigation, celestial navigation, positional astronomy, navigating by the stars, Astro yogourt, a Parmalat Canada product, Astro Teller, a scientist and entrepreneur

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