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A bold addition to a traditional name, AshleYYY, will capture your attention at a moment’s notice. Now take the best singers, songwriters and the best dancers, add the most exciting performers and the best all-around personalities, throw in some of the hottest looks — mix them all together and the finished product would probably look and sound a lot like AshleYYY. Accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer and professional NBA dancer AshleYYY is a musical force whose range and talent will not just dominate R&B, but can span any genre including pop music, hip-hop, country, rock and more. Discovered by CEO of Hip Hop U-C-IT Music Group (HHUCIT Music Group), Edward Griffin in 2011.

AshleYYY is originally from Milwaukee, WI, but currently based in Atlanta, GA. The Milwaukee-bred entertainer is the latest multi-talented scene-stealer to nudge her way to center stage with attention-grabbing vocals, irresistible songwriting and amazing dancing abilities. AshleYYY has been inspired by individuals such as Beyoncé’, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Faith Evans, R. Kelly, Jessie J and so many more.

Ready to emerge on and empower the music scene, AshleYYY has a wide range of appeal and her music reaches countless audiences. Whether young or old, the sophisticated, AshleYYY has a universal charm that appeals to the masses. Previously known as a trio, AshleYYY’s purpose is now fulfilled by Ashley Moore, who moved on solo and standing alone.

Grounded by her faith in God, AshleYYY is prepared to impact the music industry while staying true to her Midwest roots. Looking to inspire young girls around the world AshleYYY will continue to become a beacon for social change, combating social issues such as AIDS awareness, domestic abuse, bullying, and sexism, through mentoring, positive self-esteem building and more.

AshleYYY is focused on becoming one of the most talented performers and entertainers of all time. AshleYYY is truly a scholar of her craft and is committed to devouring knowledge to create a successful career on both sides of the industry.

With AshleYYY’s highly successful LP Won’t Stop 4 Nuthin’ taking over 2012 which is available via physical copy and digital download. She has recently accomplished another feat by being one of the first independent artists to have an MTV profile on giving her a larger platform recently premiering The S-H-I-T and Fade Away.

On the heels of her last LP Won’t Stop 4 Nuthin', and receiving praise for not only her talent, but for her work ethic and amazing showmanship as well, singer, songwriter, and dancer, AshleYYY (HHUCIT Music Group / Island Def Jam Digital) is continuing 2013 on a positive note with the Triple Threat Series. CEO of HHUCIT Music Group Edward had this to say about Triple Threat:

“We want everyone to be able to recognize her talents in full; individually we want to show the world why we consider her a Triple Threat by giving everyone each threat separately through music.”

This movement will help AshleYYY walk her fans and supporters through her many gifts while being able to keep her talents at the forefront. Always wanting to be transparent in her music AshleYYY discusses the Triple Threat Series:

“I am so proud of this album! The goal was to ensure that people would understand who I am as an artist & what I represent – A Singer. Songwriter. & Dancer. So here is the best of me!”

In 2013 AshleYYY will continue to be a role model of empowerment with her new campaign, Let’s Wait! The movement is aimed at young people and doesn’t just promote waiting for sex until marriage as a lifestyle choice but promotes high self-esteem among our youth. The campaign also pays homage respecting your mind and body as a young woman with the remake of the Janet Jackson classic, “Let’s Wait Awhile.”

AshleYYY has a digital distribution deal through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. After breaking into the Island Def Jam Digital Top 10 Tracks with the first two singles from #TeamAshleYYY, Stutter #4 and Back Breaker #6 landing AshleYYY her first charting. With the huge success of her LP Won’t Stop 4 Nuthin’ with over 56,000-plus digital downloads, 300 physical copies sold, and two videos premiering on AshleYYY looks to top that feat with her new album The Triple Threat and the Triple Threat Series.