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Through it all, rock and roll has always managed to hold its own. The truth is, music fans will always have a place in their hearts for that one constant: the real live Rock Band – touring around the country, playing a new city every night, and making new fans all along the way. Four guys, a couple of guitars, a bass, and a drum set, all going town to town and show to show with a musical message of, “We’re all in this together, and everything’s gonna be all right.” These bands prove that beyond image and pretense, there is always room for a great song played by a great band.
This principal is the foundation of Ash Wednesday.

Behind guitarist Zach Barnett, bass guitarist Larry Morton, guitarist Josh Nolan, guitarist Kevin Shearer, and drummer Daylan Kinser, Ash Wednesday strives to write and play songs that don’t get old in a week or two, drawing from their own experiences both shared and individual. They are simply writing songs and performing and having one hell of a great time doing it.

At their core, the band is you, and me, and him, and her, and them, and us. A balls-out, get-‘em-where-they-feel-it, you-pick-me-up-this-time-and-I’ll-pick-you-up-next-time group of guys, that’s what Ash Wednesday is. A band with something to say, something to say that people want to hear. A band that focuses on the songs and the music, that loves their audience, and that believes talent and hard work should and can compensate for a prepackaged image.

They’ll make you feel, they’ll make you care, and most important, they’ll pick you up.