Artifex is an Italian Alternative Rock band, actually based in Bologna. Their own music is a personal sound dimension where the various influences, from electro/industrial to modern rock, are fused creating a powerful and engaging music.
Antonio Olivo always loved to experimenting with music since when he create Artifex, back in 1997. After several demos they release their first album "Unnamed" in 2003.
From 2003 to 2008 Antonio moved from the south of Italy to Bologna where meet Francesco Paonessa [drums e machines] who join the band.
In 2009 they release "Redux" four track 'Ep which represents a new beginning, experimenting with new sound solutions and leading the band on the most important Italian stages.
In the middle 2011 Davide Schipani [bass, synth] join the band.

After a lot of time spent in rehearsal with the new line-up, words, sounds and emotions finally became an album "Suspension Of Disbelief" featuring Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson and Fabrice Quagliotti from Rockets. [released on January 27th by Industries Inc.]?
Suspension of Disbelief is a concept album based on the man's emotions, an intermittent and laborious back to basics made of "suspension" and "disbelief" as well. As every song is a different emotion, so each song is "immersed in it's own unique sound range through balances between analog and digital.