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Official Site: | @armonjay
Nashville, TN – January 21, 2014 – Neo-folk singer-songwriter, Armon Jay has released his debut solo album,“Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed,” on January 21st, 2014. Produced by critically acclaimed folk musician (and mutual friend of Gundersen), Joshua James and mixed by Todd Burke (Jack Johnson, Ben Harper), the album displays Armon’s candidly honest storytelling style reminiscent of his influences – Paul Simon, Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams, while holding a sound that is uniquely and beautifully his.

Purchase the album on iTunes here:

Armon will be setting out on 27 tour dates spanning the US and Canada as support for Seattle-based singer/songwriter, Noah Gundersen’s “The Ledges” tour Full list of Noah Gundersen support dates below. For more information:

After a stint with a major-label Christian band signed to Sony Music’s Provident Label Group, Armon decided he needed to go in a different direction, prompted by a personal crisis that had him terrified to fall asleep at night, questioning his own inability to live up to his ideals. In that season of internal conflict, his questioning led him to the realization that it was time to “shed the skin” of any preconceived genre label before he felt he could freely move forward. That eventually prompted the decision to redefine his artistry, and begin using his real first and middle name (he was formerly known as AJ Cheek).

His decision to change paths risked the loss of support from many, but his fans chose to stand by him and showed their support by helping Armon raise close to $14,000 on Kickstarter, allowing him to travel to producer Joshua James’ idyllic Willamette Mountain on a one-acre farm against the beautiful backdrop of Americana Fork, Utah to record the album in two eventful weeks. James, introduced to Armon Jay by mutual friend, singer/songwriter Noah Gunderson, proved a valuable partner, not just producing the album, but serving as “farmer, mountain climber, goat herder, high-tailin’ bike rider and a bit of a wild man,” helping Armon get over his fear of heights as well as failure.

“Joshua is all about creating an atmosphere that inspires genuine and real creativity,” says Armon. “He also has a phenomenal group of musicians on call—his own secret weapon for making great records. We hit the ground running. He just said, ‘If you’re going to sing the song, sing it.’ Almost every track on the record started with just an acoustic guitar and vocal performance and then we built from there.”

A culmination of Armon’s two-year journey from darkness to sunlight, or in his words, “desolation to consolation,” his debut album is a manifestation of restored hope – a set of songs derived from sleepless nights that speak from the very core of his being. “Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed” gives us a glimpse into Armon’s deepest fears and darkest anxieties, while pointing the way towards salvation. “It’s like I’m stuck in between the cure and the disease,” he sings. “I’m walking straight just in a crooked way.” This theme of light and darkness is echoed through the album’s artwork, which features two original pieces from Anton Van Hertbruggen, a Dutch illustrator Armon quickly became a fan of after stumbling upon his work online.

“It’s been quite a trip,” adds Armon, “But the most liberating thing is to be able to walk in my own skin, whatever that means… the good, the bad or the ugly. And not to just follow what somebody else thinks I should be. I don’t have to hide my sickness in the dark anymore. This is me. Nothing’s changed…Even if everything’s different.”