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Armando Peralta evolving into a new artistic space. An amalgamation of Rock and Americana with an infusion of Flamenco and world. A a deeply spiritually moving musical experience, infused with the energy of Rock and passion of flamenco .
This new crossing of musical elements is an evolution from Peralta's form naturally and consistently into a new expression and sound more precise of the artists full range of musical artistic Character and integrity . The new evolution of his sound can be likened within his own original expression to elements consisting of more Americana and flamenco influence . These within a wide range and spectrum of artists such as "Santana" "Chris Issac" "Roy Orbison" "Sting" "Peter Gabriel" Yet with the musical integrity of recording from other era's to the liking of those such as Houses of the Holy " from Led Zeppelin yet up to date contemporary .
Armando's sweet heartfelt lyrical vocals inclusive to varying degrees of dynamic of flamenco stye accents in his singing exude sensuality romanticism and passion. Armando's personal style is sultry and sensual.
This coupled with the quality musicianship the hybrid of musical styles with the common thread as well as a range of compositions going from the esoteric reminiscent to legendary rock classics from the 70's to modern pop . This whole of Armando Peralta's persona his musical and personal style transport you to another era another almost liminal space.The experience transcends and transports all the whole and is a deeply moving and intoxicating experience that reaches to the core of the soul.