Appleseed may refer to: The seed of an apple, Johnny Appleseed, an American pioneer nurseryman and missionary, Contents 1 Organizations 1.1 Social, 1.2 Entertainment, , 2 Media 2.1 Music, 2.2 Manga and spin-offs, , Organizations: Social: Appleseed Foundation, a non-profit network of social justice centers, Project Appleseed, a rifle marksmanship and historical awareness program that teaches and promotes traditional rifle marksmanship, while also teaching American heritage and history with the intent of encouraging people to become active civically., Entertainment: Appleseed Recordings, a record label, The Appleseed Cast, rock music performing artists, The Apple Seed, a storytelling radio show, Media: Music: Appleseed (EP), by Aesop Rock, Appleseed, a novel by John Clute, Manga and spin-offs: Appleseed (manga), Appleseed (OVA), a 1988 original video animation, Appleseed (film), a 2004 film Appleseed EX, a Feb 2007 video game adaptation of the film, Appleseed Ex Machina, a Oct 2007 film sequel to the 2004, , Appleseed XIII, a 2011 CGI anime TV series Appleseed Alpha, a 2014 film,

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