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Prince's girl trio, Vanity 6, became Apollonia 6 when actress Patricia "Apollonia" Kotero replaced Denise "Vanity" Matthews in 1984, joining existing members Brenda Bennett and Susie Moonsie. As Vanity 6, the act had previously released a self-titled album in 1982 and enjoyed some success with the libidinal single "Nasty Girl." With Kotero aboard (and under their new moniker), the three issued the cheekily titled Sex Shooter in 1984. With all the attention surrounding Prince and his movie Purple Rain, which featured Kotero as the female lead and romantic interest, Sex Shooter eked its way onto the lower reaches of the pop charts.

Apollonia 6 didn't accompany Prince or the movie's other participants, the Time, on the ensuing tour. In fact, they disbanded in 1985 without releasing anything else, leaving Kotero to pursue a solo career. Neither Bennet nor Moonsie would remain in the music business, and Apollonia 6 is little more than a footnote in music history, remembered only because of their connection to Prince. ~ Tom Demalon, Rovi