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Official Site: | @andreahamilton |
I was born singing. I made up songs before I could spell, and performed for everyone who happened by the suburban Kansas household where I grew up. During a recent visit there, I found my old song notebook and a tune I wrote in 4th grade: Do Something Great. I guess I was writing it to myself, because that’s still my life goal - I want to make the truest, bravest music I possibly can, and write songs that lift people’s hearts from life’s dark gray monotony into the pure and hope-filled place that music helps us find.

I began my professional musical career at age 16 when I became one of The Gospel Music Association’s Top 20 New Writers. Since then I’ve had the privilege of embarking on three overseas tours and four in the US. I’ve immensely enjoyed writing songs with writers that work for Rascal Flatts, Sarah Evans, Andrew Alan, MTV, and everything in between, and I’ve yet to wane in my affinity towards performing and production.

Because of an increasingly burning desire to touch the world with songs of hope and healing, my most special moments have been getting to perform for charities and community benefits like: The Young Artists Grant, AIDS Center of Pasadena, The Dream Center Los Angeles, Charity for the Poor Africa, The Hope Center of Kansas City, Meinohamma Christian Center of Japan, Serve Day, Kansas City Juvenile Hall, Halogen for Missions, The La Canada YMCA, Revolution 626, Safe Haven, Plumb Line, Mosaic Cafe, and others, as well as contribute to fundraiser compilations and non-profit film soundtracks. These are the things that remind me why I do music.

In 2009, I suddenly found myself in a battle for my health, and life. “There’s nothing we can do” soon became my least favorite phrase. I was informed that many of the things I was dealing with had no cure, and therefore my singing career was likely done.

Somehow through this confusing time, my soul remained brave. It told me the doctors might be wrong - that I was born to sing - that I had to, no matter what, keep believing. There were many ups and downs, many many prayers, and more than a few crazy alternative treatments.

Now, I’m in Los Angeles again - and I’M SINGING AGAIN. In July 2012, I was told the last of my “incurable” diseases is now gone. But, somewhere along the way I realized that the biggest miracle was not my body’s repair, but the growth and character that have welled up in my heart - and now I get to share all the hope I gained through song :)