Imagine if Robbie Williams were trapped inside a "rapper", never dated the chick from All Saints, and decided to take on a new direction and genre. Anami Vice's songs, while undeniably of the hip-hop variety, are known for infectious hooks and being heard as "songs" rather than "tracks". At times sarcastic, Vice's tone is nevertheless optimistic. His lyrics are cleverly disguised confessions, the contents of which most can relate to. Therefore, if the listener does ever make it past a chorus, (and they might not) there is plenty more song to explore. Vice has quietly crafted his third studio album; however, having recently signed to 604 Records and co-managed by Josh Ramsay, this latest project will mark his first commercial release.

Along with his band "The New Future", Anami's live show has developed a reputation for charged up renditions of the studio tracks using a solid back up of instrumentation. He avoids the typical rap bravado, preferring to use his smile and wit to connect with an audience. The show gears up quickly and doesn't slow down to drop you off. Vice flawlessly reproduces his vocals without a backtrack and as he would put it, "no hype-man".

Self described as "reluctant to make rap music", Anami Vice prefers boots and a collar to Air Force Ones. Moreover, he has found a way to be hip-hop without becoming a cliché.