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Official Site: | @anakinmusic
In 2008 Brad Chancellor and Chris Rosenthal created what would be known as Anakin. In November 2008 the two produced 6 tracks in a storage shed. What Brad and Chris created in that moment was a "blown out sound" that would eventually be tamed into a beautifully spaced out melodic collision.

In 2009, however, Anakin ended about as quickly as it had started. Brad was recruited to take over drum duties in an up and coming electro-pop act within the area which in turn positioned Anakin onto the back burner. Rosenthal continued working on material over the next 10 months and it was not until then that he would reconvene with Chancellor to continue what they had started the year prior.

In 2010 Anakin became the top priority as Brad and Chris set in motion the preparations to record what would be their debut single entitled "Abort.Retry.Fail". The single was released worldwide through all major digital retailers in April 2010 and Anakin quickly made themselves known by landing on compilation albums such as "In Case Of Evacuation" via Exploding In Sound and the "2010 Summer Sampler" via Midwest Movement. For the next 8 months the band would continue to work out new and expanded material.

In 2011 the band was approached by Miami, Florida based Pop Up Records with the opportunity to pay tribute to the iconic space rock band HUM by recording a track to be included on the compilation album "Songs Of Farewell And Departure: A Tribute to HUM". In January 2011 Anakin started tracking HUM's "I'd Like Your Hair Long" with engineer Jeff Pickman at the Noise Arcade with the album eventually seeing a release in September 2011 via Pop Up Records. In addition to Anakin's take on "I'd Like Your Hair Long" the compilation included such notable acts as Junius, the Esoteric, Constants, Funeral For A Friend, Kelli Scott [Failure], and Solar Powered Sun Destroyer [Featuring J. Robbins - Jawbox]. In April 2011 the band launched a successful KickStarter campaign in which the online Anakin supporters donated over $2,000 to the band to record the debut album "Random Accessed Memories". A notable KickStarter backer was Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre, who eventually made and maintained contact with the band. Random Accessed Memories was engineered by Eric Graves in August 2011 at both Blacklodge Recording in Eudora, Ks and EZ Rock Studios in Lawrence, Ks. It was never made known publicly at the time, however drum tracks were the only portion recorded in an actual studio. All other instruments, as well as vocals, were recorded in Graves' bedroom closet aka EZ Rock Studios. The album was then sent to Joel Wanasek at JTW Recording Studios [Universal, Metal Blade] in Hubertus, Wi where it was mixed and mastered into a polished product.

In 2012 Anakin released their debut album "Random Accessed Memories" worldwide through all major digital retailers. February 20th, 2012 marked the band's debut live performance as they played support to The Jealous Sound at the Riot Room in Kansas City, Mo. In May 2012 the band launched a second successful KickStarter campaign in which the online supporters dedicated approximately $1800 towards what would be the sophomore EP entitled "Emergency Broadcast System".

In 2013 Anakin wrote and recorded their sophomore release, the "Emergency Broadcast System" EP. It was tracked on various days between March-May by Eric Graves at both Blacklodge Recording in Eudora, Ks and Rosenthal's dad's basement in Kansas City, Ks. It was then mixed and mastered that June by Joel Wanasek at JTW Recording Studios in Hubertus, Wi. On June 21st, 2013 the band self-released "Emergency Broadcast System" digitally online which coincided with the Summer solstice.

In 2014 Anakin wrote and recorded the single "Control.Alt.Delete" which was released as a free download via

What happens next has yet to unfold. To be continued...