Amy Lennard is a singer/songwriter whose music combines the emotional honesty and spirit of folk-rock with the down-to-earth ethos of country. Lennard was born in Roslyn, Long Island, and began taking guitar lessons when she was just ten years old. As Lennard grew to adulthood, she decided to make music her career, and she left the East Coast for Northern California. For a few years, Lennard's music took a back seat as she joined a commune and became a devoted student of organic gardening. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest, where she began making her way into the area's acoustic music scene, Lennard moved back East and settled in New York City. In time, Lennard fell in with a handful of respected studio musicians, including Jon Gordon, Tony Tino, Oz Noy, and Dan Vonnegut, and with their help began putting some polish on the original songs she'd been writing. In 2004, Lennard released her debut EP, simply titled Amy Lennard, which featured five original songs. Four years later, Lennard re-recorded three of those tunes for her first full-length album, I Need to Love, released by Hold Your Own Music. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi