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The band Altera, with Maja Bedic on lead guitar and vocals, her mom Kristina - Kriss on bass, and drummer Dario Barbir - Dado, was founded with another drummer, Marin Barisic, in 1998, while Dado joined in 2000. Maja is the author of almost all the lyrics and music. Maja was only 14 when the band was started, 16 when the first EP Ablaze was published. In 2008, CD Alternations was published as a promo only, which has now been released digitally through iMusician Digital. Altera is maybe the only daughter-mom band playing music that could be called grunge-metal, so, quite strong and fast, with a mom on bass. Altera is also known as a Nirvana cover or tribute band in Croatia, and has played many shows in home country and had a tour in Germany and Switzerland as such. The style on the new EP Exit 320 is different, we call it "Arabic-rock" , a bit milder, way simpler and more radio friendly, and influenced by Arabic tunes on account of Maja's stay there. We plan to record another single by the beginning of 2013, or maybe another EP.