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The music of Alexander Fairchild is instantly gratifying; a sweeping cleanse of a heavy heart in need of redemption. Like that way you can feel good after being emotionally wrung out. "Tonight " is his debut EP released ,March 12, 2013, worldwide via TPC MUSIC/SONY RED is a collection of anthems trying to make sense of love among it's greatest champion and rival: the head and the heart. Not one for introspection, he's compelled to write it out, shout it out, stew in it for a little while. The result is a meticulous and sprawling manifesto of a man helplessly and eagerly in love. To which he has his own method: "my deal on love is very simple and complex: firstly, I believe that one should be careful in the small decisions and reckless in the big ones".
He pulls from bygone eras, sentimentally taking from it what is necessary and infusing it with his own soul, indie and pop influences. His moniker too, makes its nod to icons and relics - Alexander the Great and Fairchild compressors, used by the Beatles, citing The Doors, Joni Mitchell and the Beach Boys as his enduring shrines.
Fairchild takes on all the sounds himself, with an intuitive sense of instrumentation from it's technical anatomy to the way it makes you feel. Songs like Tonight and Baby Please were made for us; those who still feel wild, young and free.

And there's an ease to it. As if these songs just happened to him, washing over him after a few moments strumming and humming on his living room floor. And you'll revel in it with him, dissolve into his vocals, his smoky falsetto layered upon itself in the easiest of melodies, prompting you to know it by heart come the next verse. This ease is best attributed for a lifetime's worth of playing music; as a child raised by two musicians, a supernaturally talented family, and a dedicated year to fleshing out songs from Waterloo, ON to his hometown of Harriston, ON; making his rounds in SoHo, NYC where he now mostly resides, among a body of restless poets just like him.

Alexander Fairchild will be releasing music March 12th, with his song "Tonight" along with others at all digital outlets.
March 26th - Alexander Fairchild's second ep "WHERE DO YOU GO" released to digitally around the world . He will be releasing his full LP "ALEXANDER FAIRCHILD VOLUME 1" the culmination of 15 songs and full first length release .
Check out his exclusive NoiseTrade EP ' TAMALES"
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