Thank you to all my family and friends and fans worldwide that have supported me over the life of my career as Bigg Patch. I am greatful. As of today I am dropping the Bigg Patch moniker. I will continue the high standard of music as I have over the years but is time to choose a name that reflects that standard. Hence forth I am ALDOUS HUXLEY. Thank for your continued support. DLR babe!!!

As one of the founding fathers of the Baltimore Hip Hop scene AHUX comes with a sound and style of his own. AHUX has worked with artists such as Kindred Family Soul the husband and wife duo from Philly and Wu Tang Clan Legend Cappadonna on a track titled " Simple Logic" just to name a few. BiggPatch is currently working with New York based producer Grande NYC out of THC Studios in the Bronx on his latest project to be released Spring 2014 on Indie label Diamondlife Records based out of Baltimore MD. Grounded in the old school with a flow like the Grand Rapids. With words that are felt not just heard. A true MC with a grasp on the culture of hip hop and mad respect for the game. AHUX will leave his mark on the world of music here and abroad