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One of the Italian artist signed with MTV a List

Albert Keyn close the Vodafone ''Mubator'' live 2014
Aged 14, Albert already boasted a wide collection of vinyl records and began performing at different venues between Bergamo and Milan. Two years later he recorded his first EP in a studio.

In 1995 he met Roland Brant and together they created “Matisse”, the first record on the Edison label. In the meantime he produced for various artists and ended another project under the name of DJ Ato, "It's Time For Revenge", created in Claudio Lancinhouse’s studio, a hardcore music producer. Subsequently, teaming up with DJ Alex Bartlett (Fabio XB), Albert produced a series of tracks that reached international success: Venith "Be Together", DJ Air vs. Lyala "Remember Me," Princes of Trance "Love Me Eternally". Through the collaboration with artists such as Store N Forward (Germany) and Paul Miller (Poland), Albert released the first single on the Drizzly Records label "Save One Love": the track received credit at international level, with support from artists such as Ferry Corsten (Netherlands).

He is the first Italian to host an event at the nightclub “Live” in Trezzo (MI) in which the world's number one DJ Armin Van Buuren (A State of Trance Radio Show / Armada Music) played. In July 2010 Albert Keyn takes part in the Maximal Festival with some of the best European trance artists and producers such as Eddie Halliwell, Richard Durand, Simon Patterson. In the following months Ton Van Empel (Ton TB) introduced Albert to Blackhole Recordings , where he published the international success "Rapsody" in collaboration with Dyor, and "Brother's Signs" too.

Alongside his work as a DJ, Albert Keyn is the mastermind and founder of a publishing and cultural project, linked to his musical genre, called Tranceforlife (TFL Project). Through this venture, Albert organizes and participates in a series of events such as: Motorfest, Decibel Club (with First State), Summer Fest, Trance in Black and Trance in Black in White (Bolgia club).
He also introduced Ashley Wallbridge (a fan of Albert’s first works) for the first time to the Italian public.

In 2011 he organized the Renaissance Music Festival in Medolago (BG) with the participation of a Dutch host belonging to the group 'Three Drives': the event attracted the attention of local and national media. In the same year, he worked on a project that integrates classical music (with orchestral arrangements) with an electronic matrix melody. That was the birth of 'E-Mood': two evenings in a well-renowned club in Milan with Dyor and the Russian violinist Margarita Egorova, made it clear to the press (Corriere della Sera) that his style has no boundaries. Also, Alex Morph and Woody Van Heyden were guests in his studio for an exclusive interview for his website, after the two producers attended an event in Milan. He also participated as a judge in various singing events organized, among others, by Antenna3 (a local tv station) , such as the Ranzanico Music Festival. His radioshow 'Renaissance', in the meantime, kept more than 1500 listeners glued to his web streaming every Monday evening (from 9.30pm to 11.30pm).Moreover, the podcasts on its news website currently reach 14,000 weekly visitors.

In the past two years, his natural inclination towards entrepreneurship has seen Albert focusing on the design, production and implementation of a label. Kennvad Music Publishing was founded with the specific aim to bring together artists of different nature although with a genuine approach to music: the label strives to encourage every single musician’s peculiarity, without giving them specific directives. Artists include: Luca Antolini, Franchino and Jo Gala, Biagio D'Anelli, Yud Kei, ADP DJ, Cecilia Luce, Alessandro Fabiani, Eira Swan, Paprika, Cherys.
The project also features a production studio (SevenStudio) comprising of equipment from the best brands and able to develop any kind of production in terms of quality.