"Alana" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Alana, Iran. Alanna, Alanah or Alannah is a given name which has disputed origins. It can be either derived from the Old High German word for "precious" or from the Irish language term "a leanbh" or "child", in English. In Gaelic Alanna as itself is the term for "beauty" or "serenity". It's sometimes considered a feminine form of Alan. Alana is a common female given name coming from the Goidelic/ Hawaiian community meaning fair, beautiful, offering. It also is an Ibo given name which means father land or father's land in Igbo language. ""Alana"" or ""Elana" can also be the female name in an English translation of ""Elan"" which in Hebrew means tree. People with the given name Alana/Alanna/Alannah/Alanah: Alana Blanchard, American surfer, Alannah Currie, musician from the Thompson Twins, Alanna Heiss, pioneer of alternative exhibition space, Alannah Hill, Australian fashion designer, Alanna Kraus, Canadian skater, Alannah MacTiernan, Australian politician, Alanna Masterson, an American actress best known for portraying Tara on The Walking Dead (TV series), Alannah Mikac, whose tragic death in the Port Arthur massacre inspired the founding of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Alannah Myles, Canadian singer-songwriter, Alanna Nash, American journalist and biographer, Alanna Nobbs, Historian and current President of the Society for the Study of Early Christianity, Alana Patience, ballroom dancer and two times winner of "Dancing with the Stars, Alanna Schepartz, American scientist, Alana Shipp, American/Israeli IFBB professional bodybuilder, Alana Thompson, child star of the TLC reality TV series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Alanna Ubach, Puerto Rican actress, Fictional characters: Alana (Transformers), a female Transformer from Transformers: Generation 1, Alanna Mosvani, a fictional character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, Alanna of Trebond, a fictional character in Tamora Pierce's Tortall novels, beginning with Alanna: The First Adventure, Alana Reeves is the main character in the novel Forget Me Not by Elizabeth Lowell., Alana, a fictional character in the 1990s Australian TV series The Girl from Tomorrow, Alana Bloom, a fictional character in the TV series Hannibal

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