Basically I would regard myself as the following..

An honest individual, a dreamer dedicated to execute my pre programmed genetic code.

Very open-minded with my senses tuned into all things original and new, albeit music (art in all forms), relationships, food, technology. Not that I'm a gadget freak, but I do have a deep love/hate relationship with technology.

I'm easily distracted by anything more interesting than what I was previously engaged in. The Achilles heel of being creative.

During my thirtysomethings I tended to think too deeply about the smallest of things. I would question the question and always end up wondering "why?" Nowadays, I simply look at things for what they are and have a general acceptance deep within, that what will be, will be.

I see the World as a growing picture of emotions, feelings and what my senses explore, take in, analyse and perceive. It's impossible to relay these effectively and I think that's why I'm so attracted to the enigma of music. It allows me to interact 'virtually', through sound, with others and their World.

Music to me is much more than bands and the stuff that comes from speakers. I'm not wanting to be 'rich and famous' with my involvement with music, I simply enjoy making it!. I work best when I'm alone or interacting with people who inspire me mentally, spiritually and musically.