ALAGE was born and raised in lower Roxbury and is as an upcoming artist ALAGE
seen a lot of things in his life time that he feels he needs to express
through his lyrics. Music has been in his blood since
he was a kid listening to the radio at his grandmother’s house.
He grew up listening and observing the different styles and cultures of music
like R&B, Hip Hop and Poetry.
He knew that music was something he wanted to pursue as a career.

ALAGE’s favorite rap group growing up was Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their
style and creativity had a different spin in the Rap game.
ALAGE knew he wanted to be a rapper at a young age so he knew
how important it was to be original. He also knew what he needed to do to create
his own style and image.

ALAGE's music comes from his heart and from how he feels or what he is going
through at that time in his life. He takes you through the rough
times and the good times so anyone can relate to it because ups and downs are a
part of life for everyone.