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Al Ferguson (19 April 1888 - 4 December 1971) was an Irish-born American film actor. He appeared in nearly 300 films between 1912 and 1956. He was born in County Wexford, Ireland and died in Long Island, New York. Selected filmography: Youth's Endearing Charm (1916), The Timber Queen (1922), Officer 444 (1926), Haunted Island (1928), Tarzan the Mighty (1928), The Pirate of Panama (1929), Tarzan the Tiger (1929), The Hurricane Express (1932), The Lost Special (1932), The Desert Trail (1935), Deadwood Dick (1940), The Pearl of Death (1944), Rustlers' Hideout (1945), God's Country (1946), Along the Great Divide (1951), Blazing the Overland Trail (1956)

Source: Wikipedia

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