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Akil or Aqil may refer to: Geography: Akil, Yucatán, small city in Yucatán, Mexico, Aqil, Iran, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, Given name: Akil N. Awan, British academic, Aqil Hussain Barlas, lawyer and diplomat, Akil Byron, Saint Kitts and Nevis footballer, Akil Dhahar, Somalian leader, Akil Mark Koci, Kosovar Albanian composer, Aqil Mammadov, Azerbaijani footballer, Surname: Ahmad Basri Akil, Malaysian football manager, Ibn Aqil, Muslim theologian, Mara Brock Akil, American television writer and producer, Muhammad ibn Aqil, son of Aqeel ibn Abi Talib

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license